co-act for maternal health cbo learning community

coact (V); formal also co-act 
to work together, especially to achieve something or to have an effect

March for Moms hosted a 2-day learning summit for 5 maternal health community-based organizations in Washington, DC. The summit promoted active learning and collaboration between community birth workers, national organizations, and businesses.

Read below for more information on the selected community-based organizations that were in attendance and the life-saving work they are doing:

One Happy Mama: One Happy Mama is dedicated to empowering and uplifting young mothers through their journey of motherhood, self-fulfillment, and self-discovery while pursuing their happiest lives. They aim to foster a program that supports young mothers to become career-driven, financially independent, happy, and healthy mothers. Their programming includes the M.O.M. Workshop, the Mama Tribe, and the OHM Resource Center. One Happy Mama is based out of New Orleans, LA.

Oshun Family Center: Oshun Family Center provides racially concordant care to members of the black community who are seeking to achieve optimal wellness. It is their goal to center the experiences of black people and create a welcoming space for healing and refuge. Oshun envisions health equity across the reproductive and mental health spectrum. They provide mental health services, maternal health services, childbirth education, doulas, holistic healing, fertility support, etc. Oshun Family Center is based out of Philadelphia, PA.

Mama to Mama: Mama to Mama is working to increase social support for all mothers as they make the transition into parenthood by promoting healthy parenting practices in an effort to create healthier and more sustainable communities. They believe that when caregivers are supported and empowered, families and communities thrive. Their programming includes Granny’s House, a community-based doula program, family play groups, and community baby showers. Mama to Mama is based out of Louisville, KY.

Pickles & Popsicles: Pickles & Popsicles’ mission is to create a collective of acceptance, support, and transparency for all women journeying, to and through motherhood. Their five pillars include advocacy, maternal self-care, support, education, and research. They host and attend a plethora of events (mommy meetups, keynote presentations, local maternal health events, etc.) throughout the year. Pickles & Popsicles is based out of Jackson, MS.

The Mommy Dearest Foundation: The Mommy Dearest Foundation’s mission is to give mothers the help they need to raise their children successfully. They ensure that mothers are given the freedom, opportunities, and resources to focus on their education, personal growth, and development. They provide young, pregnant, and/or incarcerated mothers with invaluable resources that ensure no child is motherless and no mother is helpless. The Mommy Dearest Foundation is based out of Hammond, LA.