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Our Impact

2020 Annual Report

During 2020, in partnership and collaboration with a diverse coalition of partners, March for Moms expanded our footprint as a policy advocate for maternal health. We advanced awareness and provided key input to federal policies to enhance programs for families and support providers. March for Moms also welcomed Dr. Jamila Taylor to our Board of Directors, increased attendance  at our signature rally while convening virtually due to COVID-19. Lastly, March for Moms continued to serve as a partner to Congress’ Black Maternal Health Caucus and worked to amplify the Momnibus Act of 2020 and 2021.

2019 Annual Report

March for Moms engaged in a critical body of work in 2019. Some 2019 highlights include hiring our Founding Executive Director, having leading advocate Charles Johnson join our Board of Directors, having the largest and most diverse number of organizational partners for our rally to date, March for Moms becoming a leading partner for Congress’ Black Maternal Health Caucus, and collaborating on bill feedback throughout the year with partner organizations. In the following, you will read about our growth and the impact of March for Moms in 2019. Thank you for partnering with us in achieving these incredible milestones.

2017 Annual Report

In 2017, we received financial support totaling $23,750.00. Total income for event funding was $42,979.00.

2018 Annual Report

In 2018, March for Moms nearly tripled total income generated to $119,471.00 through combined support from 42 organizations and individual donor giving.